Announcement # 180101 : Wishing you a happy new year

We have many exciting news for our customers but first wishing you a very happy new year. We wish you a profitable business and successful expansion in Australian Market. With the launch of Amazon Australia, new opportunities are available for small to medium sized sellers to take advantage and began their online selling business.

We have launched this new section to inform our customers of the new updates happening within ForwardToFBA. Following upgrades & changes are now in available for our members:

  • Check out updated details of Fulfillment by ForwardToFBA (Our customer order fulfillment service for Australia).
  • We have dropped order fulfillment prices significantly. Also various categories are now introduced to keep small item sellers competitive. The new pricing structure should benefit businesses of all sizes. A new Envelope Post services is now available and further more Parcel post fulfillment service now starts at 2.99 AUD as compared to old rate of 3.75 AUD. Check out our latest pricing.
  • ForwardToFBA Members’ Dashboard now displays the fulfillment cost break down for each fulfillment order. We have simple and straight forward pricing structure with no hidden fees. You can now track cost of each component of every fulfillment order through Members’ Dashboard.

Shipster by Australia Post

In a bid to counter the Amazon FBA threat, Australia Post has launched a new service that will offer online shoppers free shipping on eligible purchases at more than 40 of Australia’s biggest online stores – including Booktopia, Myer, Target, Harvey Norman, Cotton On and Showpo.  Shoppers can signup using introductory offer of $9.95 which will allow free shipping on select orders till 31st December 2017.

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eBay readying for Amazon Australia Launch

We have two out of three of the top 10,000 Australian retailers on our platform, 60 million listing on the site and that’s the level of selection that people ­expect. I just can’t see how Amazon will be able to match that.

eBay Australia recently launched a campaign which aims to celebrate eBay’s role in the Australian retail industry and its long history with Aussie consumers. With 18 years under its belt and more than 11 million Australians on the site each month, eBay has plenty at stake as Amazon enters Australia, however, eBay Australia’s chief marketing officer, Tim MacKinnon, said the US online retailer had its work cut out for it to deliver the breadth of service local customers wanted.

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