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Now Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has launched in Australia which brings a great business opprtunity for Amazon sellers However FBA has strict Prep & Labeling requirements which need to be met before you can send you products to Amazon warehouses. We at ForwardToFBA Australia offer lowest cost Prep & Forwarding solution, Our FNSKU labeling rates start at just $0.15 AUD / unit!


At ForwardToFBA, we are guided by the aim of helping you grow your business in Australia. The services highlighted below are broad categories to give you an idea of our offering. We offer many more customized solutions that cater to specific needs of individual businesses.


Amazon FBA Prep & Handling

For complete processing of your inventory destined for Amazon FBA Fulfillment Center. This is the basic service of ForwardToFBA includes everything from shipment reception, product inspection, prep & labeling, repackaging and finally shipping the boxes to Amazon FBA.

Order Fulfillment by ForwardToFBA

For times when FBA is not the best option for order fulfillment like in case of oversized products, use 'Order Fulfillment by ForwardToFBA'. We will pick, pack & ship the unit stored in our warehouse directly to your customer. Check details of our Order Fulfillment for Australia

Amazon FBA Inspect & Forward

A Low cost forwarding option for Amazon Australia FBA sellers. Get your inventory shipped to us by your supplier/manufacturer. We will sample inspect few units from each carton to ensure compliance with Amazon FBA requirements and subsequently forward the shipment to FBA warehouse.

Amazon FBA Forward Only

For when you have full confidence on the prep of your Manufacturer. Use our Forward Only service. We receive your shipment, pay the import duties and forward your shipment onward to Amazon FBA. This ensures that shipment arrives at FBA with all the duties pre paid.

Add-on Services


Product Labeling

Amazon has very strict product labeling requirements, not adhering to those can result in delays or shipment rejection. Our processing team is rigorously trained in labeling and all other prep requirements.

Brand Inserts

Remove foreign packing and get your products packed in your branded packaging. Need to add brand, instructions or feedback inserts ? No problem, ForwardToFBA is here to help sellers!

Drop Shipping

We will receive your product, re-package it as per your brand instructions and finally ship to your customer. Average turnaround time: 24 Hours.

Product Bundling

We provide customization and bundling services, our prep experts will bundle your products, apply requisite labels and make them ready for Fulfillment by Amazon.

Product Photography

Need professional product photo? We can help you! ForwardToFBA has contract with profession studio to help you in acquiring professional product photos for use on Amazon, eBay or any eCommerce website.


Support your business by leveraging our warehouse storage to quickly ship to Amazon warehouses in case you have reached FBA storage limits. We provide secure storage facilities.


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Customer Order Fulfillment for Amazon Australia Sellers

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