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Customer Order Fulfillment for Amazon Australia Sellers

Amazon has launched Australia but FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is not available yet. While non availability of FBA certainly poses some additional work on the part of sellers however this also presents an opportunity for smart sellers to launch now and establish brand while there is less competition. At ForwardToFBA we are always striving to help sellers grow and expand quickly. In this article we will look at order fulfillment process as well as the best order fulfillment service for Australia which is already used by hundred of Amazon sellers to quickly expand their business and start selling on Amazon Australia.

Customer Order Fulfillment Process

Lets imagine you have setup your account, listed the products and here comes your first order. Now if you are fulfilling orders yourself, A typical order fulfillment processĀ  will include following steps:

  1. Product Sorting – Identifying and taking out the right product from your storage for order fulfillment.
  2. Prepping the product – Cleaning and prepping your product for shipping it out.
  3. Packing to ensure product reaches the customer without any damage
  4. Buying postage from your courier while ensuring it is most economical as well best suited for shipment.
  5. Shipping out the product
  6. Adding tracking details to inform customer of dispatched shipment
  7. Handling any returns or claims by the customer

Furthermore, Amazon requires that a seller must be able to ship out the product within 1-2 days of getting order( for highest rating, however you can set product handling time to be as long as you want but more than 2 days will have bad effect on your chances of winning buy box). Any delayed or late shipment adversely effect the merchant performance as tracked within Amazon Seller Central and displayed in seller performance charts.

That’s all good and manageable as long as you are receiving handful of the orders per day but when your sales volume will rise than spending time on managing logistics is not much productive use of your time considering you can utilize it on business development and expanding your inventory, so next step in business expansion is to go for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service which allows sellers to place inventory at Amazon warehouse and let them handle all the logistics part of business including inventory storage, prepping for shipping once customer places order and subsequently shipping out the order. Also they handle customer refunds and order returns without any input from sellers for the orders that are fulfilled by Amazon.


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is not available to sellers yet. Before we go into the details of alternative, lets take a pause and consider the sellers that are not the Australian residents.

Non – Australian Resident Sellers

One of the reason for explosive growth of Amazon is that it allows foreign sellers to list and sell on any Amazon marketplace. There are number of small to large Australian businesses that already sell on Amazon USA while using FBA and in similar fashion foreign sellers can sell on Amazon Australia using FBA but again FBA is not available in Australia so here comes the second best option after FBA

Fulfillment by ForwardToFBA

ForwardToFBA aims to help sellers grow, we work with small to large sized business while providing whole suite of logistics support that is required for an Amazon seller. “Fulfillment by ForwardToFBA” is a service which allows similar freedom of FBA to local as well as foreign sellers. ForwardToFBA has fastest yet most economical order fulfillment service for Amazon Australia sellers. Salient features include:

  1. Automated Order Import from Amazon Australia. Just sit back and watch your customers’ orders getting imported & fulfilled.
  2. Quick Dispatch. Maximum dispatch time is 1 Business Day. While any order placed before 11 AM goes out same day!
  3. Inventory Dashboard. Track in near real-time, the status of your inventory stored at ForwardToFBA warehouse.
  4. Lowest Cost. Our fulfillment service charges start at $2 AUD. Check out our simple order fulfillment pricing structure.
  5. No Setup – No Inventory Processing. ForwardToFBA do not charge any setup or inbound inventory processing costs. We have simple straight & forward pricing structure as laid out on pricing page

Whether you are a foreign seller looking to test Amazon Australia or local merchant looking for a reliable and budget friendly order fulfillment service in Australia than “Fulfillment by ForwardToFBA” is just a click away.

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