Customer Order Fulfillment for Amazon Australia Sellers

Amazon has launched Australia but FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is not available yet. While non availability of FBA certainly poses some additional work on the part of sellers however this also presents an opportunity for smart sellers to launch now and establish brand while there is less competition. At ForwardToFBA we are always striving to help sellers grow and expand quickly. In this article we will look at order fulfillment process as well as the best order fulfillment service for Australia which is already used by hundred of Amazon sellers to quickly expand their business and start selling on Amazon Australia.

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Ask Experts: How to Launch Product on Amazon Australia?

Note: This is a post from Ask Expert Series, where in we reach out to Amazon Experts for their advice on various subjects that can help sellers.
ForwardToFBA is Prep, Forwarding & Fulfillment Company that provide logistics support for Amazon Australia Sellers.

Now that Amazon has launched in Australia, We wanted to start a new series of posts that can help newly registered sellers of Amazon Australia to understand this marketplace and generate maximum revenue. The first post in Ask Expert  series of posts focuses on basics of Amazon product listing and launching new product on Amazon. Following questions will be answered in this post:

  1. What is the most import part of Amazon Product Listing?
  2. How to successfully launch product on Amazon?

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Amazon invites sellers to sign up for Australian Marketplace

Amazon has begun inviting sellers to join Amazon Australia Marketplace. Couple of sellers have contacted us to place inventory prep orders for FBA as well as fulfillment for sellers using FBM. However, it appears not everyone has been invited to the pre-launch party. Amazon Australia seems to be opening up to sellers gradually,  according to invitation email forwarded to us by one of the invited seller. Following are the requirements to join the marketplace:

  • Your business name as you would like it to be displayed on
  • The name of the individual or entity that operates the business
  • The physical address of your business
  • Your business credit card number and expiration date
  • The address where you receive your credit card statement

Please bear in mind that Amazon is recommending existing sellers to sign up using a separate email from their existing account.

Are you planning to sell on Amazon Australia? We can help you get started by ensuring that your inventory arrives at Amazon Warehouse in full compliance of their policies. Request your work order for Amazon Australia Prep & Forwarding

Amazon Marketplace is coming to Australia!

Earlier today, Amazon sent out a survey to all sellers interested in its Australian Marketplace. The survey is aimed at gathering information from marketplace sellers ahead of Amazon Australia launch. We earlier reported the acquisition of fulfillment center in Melbourne, now it appears that Amazon is ready for its launch in Australia late in October.

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Capitalize on First Mover Advantage during Amazon Australia Launch

Amazon is launching soon, defying Gerry Harvey’s all the predictions. In fact Citi analysts claimed that Amazon will be launching any time during next month. Well this may be a sad news for Gerry, nonetheless it is great opportunity for entrepreneurs, small business owners and first time sellers alike. When the Amazon Australian Marketplace opens, sellers will have access to large number of customers, combined with hassle free fulfillment option in the form of FBA and upcoming Christmas shopping season, It is going to be a gold rush. But are you ready to capitalize on this opportunity?

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Amazon Australia Seller Pre Launch Checklist

With Amazon Australia launch just round the corner, It is now time to start research & preparation and to be ready for sale of your products on the launch day. This checklist is aimed at helping wanna be sellers in their selling business on Amazon Australia Marketplace. Selling on Amazon is easy but to stand out and be profitable, one need to do thorough research.

Starting off with basics, the first item on checklist is the obvious one!

1. Sign up as seller on Amazon Australia

If you haven’t done so than now is the time to fill up 30 second form on Amazon website to register as seller and be notified as soon as marketplace is launched.

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90% of Online Australian Shoppers to purchase from Amazon

Earlier, CouriersPlease commissioned a survey to explore whether online shoppers prefer purchasing from retailers that sell products in a single niche (such as clothing or mobile accessories) over large online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, where products from multiple categories can be purchased.

Majority of respondents prefer purchasing from niche shops however, when respondents were told that Amazon will be providing low prices, a vast selection of products and fast delivery than 9 out of 10 survey respondents said they would flock over to the US e-commerce giant for their online shopping.

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3rd Party Sellers sales exceed Amazon sales for the first time

During Q2 2017, For the first time in Amazon’s history the percent of units sold by marketplace sellers exceeds that of Amazon itself. This is the first quarter where marketplace sellers had more sales than Amazon, while Amazon sold $23.8 billion worth of products in the quarter, up from $20.4 billion last year. But this 18 percent growth in retail sales is less as compared to 22% during last year.

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8 Reasons Online Sellers Should Consider Importing from China

Most new online sellers hope and dream they can find a magical supplier down the road who will sell them their goods for substantially less than they are currently selling them for on eBay or Amazon.  However… rarely does this ever happen.  If a seller does find this secret seller, we can only wish them good luck on finding another similar opportunity!

The secret to making high profits not just on eBay however all businesses and not having to work your tail off, is to  “working smarter and not harder”.  That is, to buy items at the lowest possible price and make high profits as opposed to making skinny profits and needing to sell 10 times more of the same product to make the same profit. Buying direct from the source with no middlemen is one way to do this.

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