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Ask Experts: How to Launch Product on Amazon Australia?

Note: This is a post from Ask Expert Series, where in we reach out to Amazon Experts for their advice on various subjects that can help sellers.
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Now that Amazon has launched in Australia, We wanted to start a new series of posts that can help newly registered sellers of Amazon Australia to understand this marketplace and generate maximum revenue. The first post in Ask Expert  series of posts focuses on basics of Amazon product listing and launching new product on Amazon. Following questions will be answered in this post:

  1. What is the most import part of Amazon Product Listing?
  2. How to successfully launch product on Amazon?

The Experts:

Peter Koch

Peter Kock is founder of, an engineer by trade and professional Amazon USA Seller. Apart from his Amazon business, he shares his experience and tips for beginners sellers on his website. He has large following of new sellers venturing into FBA Business. Check out his writing on

Scott Voelker

Scott Voelker  of runs a million+ times downloaded podcast on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, sourcing products and selling on Amazon.  Do not forget to checkout latest episode of his podcast after reading through the tips he has sent us for Amazon Australia Sellers.

Let’s dive into what experts have to say!

What is the most important part of Amazon product listing?

Peter Koch

Images are the most important part of the listing. Many customers won’t even get past your main image. While image help in conversion title, description and bullets are important for Amazon search engine.

In general description and bullets are important for more complex products like electronic but in case of simple products like cutting board almost no single customer will read your description.

Scott Voelker

I think Images are super important because that is what people first see. This is the like the customer touching and feeling it in a store. I always create high quality images.

To fully optimize your product listing you want a great Title that explains exactly what the product is. If someone is searching for a Garlic Press you want to include that in your title.

The bullets should be very details as far as benefits and features to let the customer know why they should buy it. This also gives you the ability to rank for more than just a few keywords.

The description should be a more in depth version of your bullets. Amazon will scrape your listing and the more you tell them what your product is the better.

The last thing is the backend keywords that you want to rank for and be discovered from. I would use your most important phrases and words in the first part.

Editor’s Notes:

Images are most important as described by experts. Here are few key takeaways:

  • Images are like customer touching & feeling your product in store. High quality product images are a must!
  • Images help in conversion ( helping customers in deciding to buy your product instead of your competitor’s )
  • Title, Bullets, Description help in discovery (If they are well optimized, Amazon Search engine will show your product on top of search results )
  • Title, Bullets, Description should be cohesive and well written to explain the product details as highlighted by Scott.

How to launch product on Amazon Australia?

Peter Koch

  1. Get reviews anyway you can!
  2. Respond on every single review and make sure you use your keywords in your responses.
  3. Decrease your price below your competitors.
  4. Run Amazon PPC. Manual and auto (Editor Note: Sponsored Product Advertising is not available in Amazon Australia yet)
  5. Bring some external traffic with Run Facebook ads using superurl
  6. After two months you should have enough sales velocity to increase price
  7. After a while your sales will start to slow down a little bit, so once again you should decrease your price and increase ad spend to retrieve your sales velocity

Scott Voelker

In order to launch properly and rank you need to know the numbers. This would have been done in the beginning in product research. How many sales is your competitors getting per day? You need to match this to even have a chance. Plus, having your listing optimized is super important or the launch will not work.

Once I have the plan I build my own launch list using giveaways weeks before. This allows me to create an email list of people that are interested in the market. I share how to do this at

Then once I’m ready to launch I send an email 2 days before the sale will happen to get them ready. Then I send 3 emails one per day or until the sale ends. This allows me to sell 100 to 200 units over 3 to 4 days depending on how many I need to sell to rank.

The cool thing is I can do this over and over again if I need a boost in ranking or if I run out of stock. I also turn on PPC for a handful of keywords that I want to rank for and bid aggressively to spike more sales and keep the momentum.

Editor’s Note:

Amazon may be new here in Australia but it had been operating in US and other marketplaces for more than a decade now. So basics of successful product are valid for Australian marketplace like any other. Here is your Amazon product launch checklist to build sales momentum from day 1 of your product launch on Amazon Marketplace. Key takeaways:

  • Do thorough research of market before jumping in
  • Product launch success depends upon building sales volume so build email lists to build volume quickly
  • Get product reviews as early as possible
  • Complement your marketing efforts using paid advertising
  • Keep testing & optimizing.

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