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Shipster by Australia Post

In a bid to counter the Amazon FBA threat, Australia Post has launched a new service that will offer online shoppers free shipping on eligible purchases at more than 40 of Australia’s biggest online stores – including Booktopia, Myer, Target, Harvey Norman, Cotton On and Showpo.  Shoppers can signup using introductory offer of $9.95 which will allow free shipping on select orders till 31st December 2017.

Shipster is not as sweet as it sounds, for free shipping order must fulfill following requirements:

  • Order value must be $25 or more
  • The total cost of shipping must be less than $20
  • Shopper must be a resident of metro Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney

Though limited in its offering, but shipster seems a step in right direction however to counter Amazon much more is needed to be done. For starter this offering must be valid nation wide as also highlighted by NRA CEO. The National Retail Association (NRA) has welcomed the new shipping membership program however NRA CEO Dominique Lamb said:

“We’d like to see this initiative rolled out nation-wide and further offers moving forward, to help Australian retailers remain competitive and continue to merge into true, omni-channel brands.”

Amazon is gearing up for launch in Australia which is expected to be announced soon, According to initial reports its Dandenong Fulfillment Center is almost ready to go operational and Amazon Australia has already started reaching out to sellers interested in listing their product on Amazon Marketplace.

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