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Amazon Australia Seller Pre Launch Checklist

With Amazon Australia launch just round the corner, It is now time to start research & preparation and to be ready for sale of your products on the launch day. This checklist is aimed at helping wanna be sellers in their selling business on Amazon Australia Marketplace. Selling on Amazon is easy but to stand out and be profitable, one need to do thorough research.

Starting off with basics, the first item on checklist is the obvious one!

1. Sign up as seller on Amazon Australia

If you haven’t done so than now is the time to fill up 30 second form on Amazon website to register as seller and be notified as soon as marketplace is launched.

2. Decide your product category

If you currently sell online on eBay or Amazon USA than you already know your answer to this question. For newbie sellers, first thing to decide is which product category are you going to sell in. This decision is listed on 2nd place because if you decide early about product category than it will make it easy for you to do product research. Just remember to go into a category which you are passionate about, like if you love skating – go for Outdoor & Sport category. If you are passionate about the idea than it will make your research all the more easier at later stage.

3. Research your product

Once, you have product category sorted out than next comes the product research. While product research is most important decision but at the same time do not get stuck with it. Most newbie get stuck on this step, remember you are not probably going to make millions with your first product so just decide and go for it! Do keep in mind following key points about your product

  • Fulfillment & Shipping Costs
  • Easy to ship
  • Not fragile
  • Has good profit margin
  • Can be sourced reliably

A thorough product research right now will save you considerable time when Amazon announces it launch date. At that time you will just be placing order with your suppliers.

4. Research your suppliers

Are you going to source from local supplier or will you be sourcing from abroad? If you are sourcing product from China than Alibaba is best choice to begin your research. Remember to go for Gold Suppliers , Do as much price negotiation as possible and do use this time before Amazon Launch to get samples from your suppliers, it will help you in deciding about their product quality and customer service.

5. Research & decide about order fulfillment

Are you going for Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), Both have their own pros and cons, while FBA ensures that your product listing gets into Amazon Buy Box, with FBM you have complete control over inventory. Whether you are going for FBA or FBM, ForwardToFBA is your best prep & forwarding option and also ForwardToFBA has lowest Prep & Forwarding cost for Amazon Australia.

6. Plan out Branding & Marketing

Lastly if you have your product and suppliers sorted out than right now is the time to work on branding & marketing plan, Maybe you can create a brand website or setup your brand Facebook Page or research your target customers. How are you going to get initial product reviews?

This article is first in the series of informative articles to help sellers in getting started on Amazon Australia, In the coming days you will be seeing more articles on the topics of FBA vs FBM or creating a product launch plan for Amazon. Subscribe below for more articles and news about Amazon Australia.

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