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eBay readying for Amazon Australia Launch

We have two out of three of the top 10,000 Australian retailers on our platform, 60 million listing on the site and that’s the level of selection that people ­expect. I just can’t see how Amazon will be able to match that.

eBay Australia recently launched a campaign which aims to celebrate eBay’s role in the Australian retail industry and its long history with Aussie consumers. With 18 years under its belt and more than 11 million Australians on the site each month, eBay has plenty at stake as Amazon enters Australia, however, eBay Australia’s chief marketing officer, Tim MacKinnon, said the US online retailer had its work cut out for it to deliver the breadth of service local customers wanted.

“There’s a lot of hype around Amazon and it’s going to be difficult for them to match expec­tations”

With this campaign eBay has launched one of the largest brand campaigns in its recent history to highlight the strength of its service and the fact that it has evolved beyond being a platform for selling used, refurbished products. The campaign is aimed at gearing up for Amazon launch during middle of next month.

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