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When is Amazon Launching in Australia?

Amazon is expected to launch in Australia during October- November, in time for Christmas season.  Earlier we reported that Amazon Australia is in talks with various suppliers and manufacturers of consumer goods for their launch preparation. One such supplier revealed under the condition of anonymity that Amazon plans to launch during last quarter of current year.

The retail giant has already acquired a fulfillment center in Melbourne while it is in talks with Goodman Group for its next FBA fulfillment center in Sydney. A new country manager for Australia to overlook Amazon launch has already been announced and Rocco Braeuniger is expected to arrive within next couple of months. Braeuniger was manager of consumable goods in Germany before he takes over the charge of Amazon Australia roll out plan.

Recently eBay Australia Chief Executive Jooman Park affirmed that Amazon’s entry into Australia will help Australian consumers and retailers move to the next stage by accelerating the expansion of online retail market in Australia. While consumers have all the reason to rejoice due to this competition however at the same time, Amazon Australia launch provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and online sellers to expand their customer base.

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