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Amazon Australia to Launch in Q4

Amazon is executing a well planned strategy to meet its launch objectives for Australia. The US retail juggernaut is already in negotiation with several suppliers of consumer goods, toys & electronics and from the looks of it, Amazon appears to be targeting existing online retailers with its offerings of lower prices as compared to current market rates. Amazon plans to launch in Australia during last quarter of current year  and sources privy to details mention that Amazon has already sorted out its logistics plan for Australia.

Earlier ChannelNews reported that during past month, the US online retailer has been negotiating trading terms with suppliers operating in Australia. One supplier already in negotiation with the retail giant mentioned that Amazon intend to set their prices up to 20% to 30 percent below mass retailers running into the peak last quarter. This will create real problems for the existing Australian mass retailers because they will be operating on pre negotiated contracts

The launch of Amazon provides a rare opportunity for retailers and any wannabe sellers, who intend to try out online selling. If you are planning to sell on Amazon Australia, than right now is the time to begin your search into the product sourcing , so as to be ready once Amazon launches here.

While in the meantime, instead of waiting you can still get your hands dirty by starting the selling business on eBay and gain valuable experience before you become a seller in Amazon Marketplace.

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