Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia – Opportunity for Online Sellers and eCommerce Retailers

After years of speculation the plan of Amazon Australia launch is now confirmed. It is not matter of “IF” anymore rather it has now come down to “WHEN”. While consumers rejoice at this announcement, many small to medium sized sellers are worried about the implications of Amazon launch. Where many businesses see the reduction of their market share, therein lies a golden money making opportunity specially for small to medium sized businesses.

The Amazon Australia Opportunity

More than an eCommerce store, Amazon is a marketplace, meaning by it allows 3rd Party Sellers to list and sell their branded/non-branded products on its marketplace even when third party sellers are competing directly with Amazon (though competing with Amazon may not be such a good idea). Access to such a large marketplace can be great tool for an individual seller who neither need to know the technology nor has a marketing budget to compete for customer’s attention as all the heavy lifting is done by Amazon and all you need to do is : List your product and purse the profits from sales.

The benefits of selling on Amazon can be numerous though few are jotted down below to give you an overview:

Access to Millions of Customers

Amazon has strong brand recognition and combine that with their large marketing budget, you must be ready to witness the thousands of daily website views from very first day of the launch. For a new seller, as soon as your product is listed on Amazon website, you have access to millions of Amazon customers.

Increased Exposure

If you are already selling online than its time to rev up your sales by selling on Amazon. Learn about Amazon Fulfillment requirements and began selling by listing your products on Amazon Australia. Remember Amazon is a customer centric company so you need to provide top class customer support and high speed fulfillment experience.

Explore FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

To be successful on Amazon, fulfillment needs to be swift, For best fulfillment experience you can use the service provided by Amazon itself and known as “Fulfillment by Amazon” (FBA). If using Amazon FBA, you can send stock of your product to Amazon warehouse and afterwards Amazon handles all the fulfillment while you as seller can concentrate on business development.  Remember if using FBA than a company like ForwardToFBA can help you in making the process of acceptance into Amazon FBA streamlined. You send your product to ForwardToFBA and we inspect & prepare your product according to Amazon requirements before forwarding your shipment to Amazon FBA warehouses.

Low Cost to Entry

Their is almost zero cost to began selling on Amazon, You do not need to hire designers and developers to create your eCommerce store nor you need any marketing budget. Just list your product and you are set to go.

Getting Ready for Amazon Australia Launch!

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